How schools in Uzbekistan can serve as connectivity hubs for surrounding communities 

Giga and the Government of Uzbekistan are looking for local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to implement an innovative, sustainable and scalable model in which schools act as ‘connectivity hubs’ and redistribute Internet access to local communities.

Giga will invest in the equipment for schools, connected to fiber backbone, to become hubs for the redistribution of connectivity to unconnected households and other sites in need of high-speed Internet. Giga will incubate and accelerate the commercial solution proposed by local ISPs.

Providers are expected to propose a technological solution, define a competitive pricing scheme for their solution, commercialize it with at least 500 subscribers per school, collect profits and compensate the schools for using their infrastructure to redistribute bandwidth.

Solution providers are encouraged to apply
by 2 May 2022, 6:00PM Tashkent time.