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The Giga team is a multidisciplinary group of around 45 self-identified nerds who enjoy making an impact and pushing the needle toward change and a better, brighter world for all young people. 

We hail from more than 35 countries and have backgrounds in data science, investment banking, foreign policy, telecom infrastructure, international development, software engineering, technology implementation, VC investing, partnerships, programme management, communications, graphic design… and more!

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Read the full job descriptions here.

Read the full job descriptions here

Read the full job descriptions here

Q&A about working for Giga
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What are we up to?

Here are some of the recent highlights coming straight from the Giga team – we’re looking for people who are excited by the opportunity to do more work like this with us. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What about physical location and working hours? 

  • A major benefit of many of our positions is the ability to work from anywhere. We have team members in almost every continent. That said, we do aim to work together as a team during US Eastern Time mornings (GMT afternoons). Outside of that, we encourage flexibility and ask that everyone find a working rhythm that suits them best, whenever they are. All we ask is that you have a strong internet connection and professional set-up that supports video calls.  

What does it mean to be a “consultant”? 

  • Within the UN system, consultancy contracts allow us to create new roles quickly and attract much-needed talent as we grow. But almost every person on our team works on Giga full-time and consultants are equally a part of the team as anyone else.  

Why only up to 11.5 months? 

  • This is the maximum duration of a consultancy contract in a 12-month period. Consultancy contracts are renewed, as long as both sides are happy with the work, the role is still needed within the team and resources are available to cover the contract costs. There is a mandatory break-in-service of 2 weeks between contracts.   

What about health insurance? 

  • Consultancy contracts don’t cover this, so please be sure to factor this extra cost into your daily rate – we expect that you will budget for appropriate and comprehensive health care. 

How are consultants paid? 

  • When you apply, you will be asked to state a “daily rate”. If you’re more accustomed to annual salaries (as most of us are), just divide by the number of work days in 11.5 months (~250 days).  

What about leave?  

  • As an individual contractor, you will be entitled to paid time off (PTO) and UN Holidays. You will accrue 1.5 days of leave per month of service. PTO is meant to be flexible, to cover sick days and for any other purpose.   

Do I have to pay taxes on income from this contract? 

  • Some countries require that you pay taxes, but many do not – it depends on your nationality and your place of residence, among other possible tax law considerations. We encourage everyone to research this for their own circumstances.  

I’ve never worked for the UN before – will this be a team for me? 

  • Most of us come from non-UN system backgrounds – take a chance and join us! We’re pretty confident that you won’t regret it 😉