Giga is mobilizing $5 billion to accelerate the delivery of critical infrastructure and close the digital divide. 

Global school connectivity requires meaningful capital investment, and Giga is poised to act as both a financial catalyst and convener to achieve the goal of connecting every school to the internet.

Giga works directly with governments to build affordable and financially sustainable models for connectivity. Giga prioritizes the long-term commercial viability of projects to attract a broad set of capital partners and enable innovative, blended financing solutions.

From initial project planning to monitoring of service quality, Giga supports governments throughout the lifecycle of connectivity projects, ensuring that the desired social and financial outcomes are achieved.

Students with tablets in a school in Niamey, the capital of Niger.

The school received from UNICEF child-friendly tablets, with off-line educational content, such as French-language, Wikipedia and Khan Academy, which are adapted to the local context and curriculum. The equipment un on solar power, and a local company partnering will ensure the maintenance and technical training. 

For every child, education.
Bridging the Connectivity Investment Gap

Giga uses scalable, blended finance solutions to bridge the investment gap for delivering connectivity to every school in the world.