Working with Giga

Since the UNGA, digital connectivity has been high on the agenda. We have been delighted to see new commitments and renewed energy towards bridging the digital divide.

As Giga gathers momentum, we are using the opportunity to highlight some ways that interested organisations can partner with usWe have categorised some broad partnership areas here, but always welcome contact from anyone who thinks they have something to contribute. Please get in touch here. 

Giga secretariat donors

The Giga Secretariat is managed by UNICEF and ITU. We are working with partners that wish to support to support the delivery of global activity led within the respective organizationsThese important donors are vital to delivering much of the planning and data gathering activity. For example, donors in this space support mapping activity, which builds the fundamental data that helps us identify gaps in connectivity provision. 

Technical Assistance providers

These are institutions and organizations that provide technical assistance to specific countries or technical areas. For example, identifying appropriate financing mechanisms for incentivizing connectivity or providing data on real-time connectivity gaps. 

Country investors

These are funders that provide structural funding for deployment of connectivity at scale.


These are partners that provide technical advice, such as members of the Broadband Commission Working Group on School Connectivity, who contribute their expertise on a non-remunerated basis. 

Due Diligence

UNICEF and ITU recognise the importance of formulating credible partnerships that support the ultimate objectives of Giga to provide every child with information, opportunity and choice. As a result, all partnerships with UNICEF and ITU are subject a robust due diligence process 

When conducting due diligence UNICEF applies a risk-informed decision-making process that assesses both the prospective partner and the nature of the partnership we wish to form. For example, to avoid conflicts of interest we ensure any suppliers of connectivity hardware are not able to philanthropically fund the delivery of connectivity solutions. This is to avoid any real or perceived conflict of interest or competitive advantage. 

Forming these partnerships is vital for the delivery of Giga. If you have any questions about partnerships with Giga, we’d love to hear from you here.