Request for Proposals: Giga Patchwork Kingdoms 2


UNICEF’s Giga is seeking a company to help us engage with the crowd and local communities in Giga countries by building the Giga NFT 2.0 collection. Giga NFT 2 will gather information about schools, creating a distributed database of school data, engaging the public in the cause of connecting schools to the internet and building a community around the initiative. Giga is looking for a skilled and creative institution to help us with the creation of a Giga NFT 2.0 collection.

Earlier in 2022, Giga launched its genesis collection, the Patchwork Kingdoms of 1000 NFTs with the purpose of fundraising. With the purpose of community building, the goal of the Giga NFT 2.0 collection is to make available for minting an NFT for every single school in the world. So far, Giga has mapped over 2,000,000 schools that could be minted, which will occur in batches. Starting with 50,000 schools. Our goal is to create the world’s largest and most comprehensive distributed database of school data in NFT form, in which this data is owned by the schools themselves and curated by the community surrounding them.


Giga is seeking to obtain the following services from a vendor with extensive NFT, smart contract, design and communications experience:

  • Propose an approach and roadmap for the creation of the smart contracts and engineering required to facilitate the ecosystem.
  • Develop design assets (visuals, mockups) required for the project
  • Create a communication and outreach and community building strategy
  • Build the FE required to access and engage with the system. This includes the creation of a homepage for the project with context for visitors, as well as integration with Metamask so that the public can mint tokens.
  • Support the execution of a small-scale beta test with a select group of real-world users before the public launch at the end of 2023.

Through the assignment, the team would work fairly independently, with support of the UNICEF Giga team.


The company must provide a team of personnel with the competencies below (please provide a CV / LinkedIn account for each team member).
The vendor should have the following qualifications:

  • At least 3 years of experience building blockchain products and solutions, including smart contracts
  • At least 2 years of experience in building NFTs
  • At least 5 years of experience building web applications
  • At least 5 years of experience in design and communications
  • Proven experience in community building
Sounds interesting? Proceed with the link below for more details and to submit your proposal.