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Kazakhstan is a regional leader in terms of population who have access to computers, and is one of the CIS countries with the highest level of mobile-broadband penetration, however 20% of the population does not use the Internet.

Number of connected & underserved schools: Project Connect Mapping data, 2020


The Government of Kazakhstan has initiatives in place to improve the quality of connectivity in schools

Digital by Default

In 2020, and in response to COVID-19, the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry is working to enable the public education system to operate “Digital by Default.”  

Improving Broadband Connectivity

The Government has refocused its Digital Kazakhstan programme to improve broadband connectivity, strengthen digital skills and make the online environment safer.  

Full Scale Distance Learning

Apart from connecting the unconnected schools, Kazakhstan wants to make sure that the quality of connectivity in every school is sufficient for full scale distance learning.  

As a Giga Regional Lead, Kazakhstan will lay the groundwork for new financing models, partners, and digital tools. Some of Giga’s priority areas for collaboration in Kazakhstan include:

Integrating Kazakhstan’s 7,398 schools into Giga’s global mapping platform with real-time connectivity status
Connecting the remaining 30 schools with innovative approaches and technology
Creating financing packages for national connectivity and helping match with possible financing partners